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Vinyl Flooring Offers Comfort and Style at a Groundbreaking Price

Contrary to popular belief, vinyl flooring products are among the fastest growing and most asked after ranges we carry. Floating Floors Direct recommend our vinyl plank and tile flooring for any areas that you know are affected by high traffic, or are likely to be vulnerable to stains. Vinyl flooring products are often among the most affordable options, which has seen them dismissed as cheap or tacky by many homeowners. But with constant innovations and development by vinyl producers, this material can play a number of roles and the luxury products we carry may shock you with their quality.

Capture the look of stone, tile or timber with all the benefits of vinyl

One of the strongest selling points of vinyl flooring, and one area in which product lines are constantly improving, is their ability to replicate the aesthetic of other, more expensive or delicate flooring materials.

If you have timber consistently throughout your home but don’t want to risk having it stained in the bathroom, for instance, there are a great many faux-timber vinyl plank products you can install which will clean easily and stay looking great through years of use. In any situation where ceramic tiles or stone flooring might be too expensive, consider a cheaper, stronger vinyl alternative. With the range available there is sure to be one with the natural look you’re after – we have tiles and planks to match any other flooring except carpet.

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Vinyl comes in luxury quality for your Home

Many homeowners are surprised to learn about our selection of high-end vinyl products. These luxury flooring options are not well advertised and are well outside what most people expect from vinyl floors. The manufacturers we stock develop specialist vinyl products that are able to replicate the texture, look and feel of stone or timber, not just the pattern, well enough that visitors will be hard pressed to tell the difference. These replica ceramic and stone tiles can be laid and grouted like the real thing, and the timber has a real, substantial quality you will have to see to believe.

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