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Our Luxurious Carpet Flooring Will Make Your Home the Envy of your Friends and Family

Carpet – soft, deep piled, plush carpet flooring – can make any room feel rich and inviting. It’s the feeling of home between your toes. But carpet is actually an incredibly versatile material for flooring, with the common twist and loop pile products proving to be durable and hard wearing, providing years of comfort while remaining easy to clean and maintain. Like our range of vinyl flooring, carpet products come in a terrific range of colours and styles, able to complement whatever your existing or planned décor may be. If you are yet to consider carpet flooring for your rooms, we recommend you visit Floating Floors Direct and have a chat with us to see if it might still be a suitable option.

Walking on Air

People are constantly amazed at the softness of one of our most durable products. We have this on display and you need to come in take your shoes of and just feel the comfort.
Having this in your home will make you smile every day. This product sounds expensive but it really isnt much more expensive than the other products as the instillation cost is the same.

Pet Friendly Carpet!

Yes it exists! This amazing product has an odour elimator, is hard wearing and 20 year stain resistant. No more trying to keep your beloved fur family of the carpet.

Carpet products to suit residential and commercial settings

To further underscore the amazing utility of carpet, our range of samples contains various products suitable for either large scale commercial or smaller home installations. Commercial carpeting products are usually sold as modular carpet tiles so they can be cut and arranged to fill a larger space. They are also manufactured differently to residential carpets, with tufts glued together onto the backing rather than individually woven as in residential carpeting. In both ranges the variety of cuts and piles available further increases your ability to pinpoint your desired look and feel.

How to choose from all this? Ask our experts

The task of choosing a carpeting product is a daunting one for many Hornsby homeowners. There are so many choices that there can be a lot of pressure to find one that’s right for your rooms. If you’re unsure about which carpet will suit your Castle Hill home, we at Floating Floors Direct invite you to come and speak about it with our expert staff. With more than 3 decades of carpet supplying and installation under our belts, we can help you select your new carpet based on traffic, look, comfort, ease of maintenance, durability and fashion. When you find a Carpet you’re happy with, our same experts will come out and install it for you.

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