Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose Floating Floors Direct?

    We are an established company that specialises in Floating Floors. We have been in business for a number of years and the majority of our customers are by word of mouth or repeat business. We offer friendly, reliable service and only sell stock from reputable suppliers. Our team are experienced tradesmen whose knowledge comes from on the job training and ATFA courses. We also offer step by step guidance for DIY projects so there is no obligation to have us install your floor.

  • What is a Floating Floor and why are they so popular?

    A Floating Floor is a floor that sits on underlay over an existing floor. It is not fixed, just floats. Your furniture, skirting boards or scotia hold it in place which is why it is important to start with a level subfloor.

    The advantage of a Floating Floor is it can be pulled apart. If any damage occurs you simply pull it apart, replace the affected boards and put it back together again.

    Timber and Bamboo Floating Floors give you the real thing in an easy to install and care for product. Laminate Floating Floors give you the look without the maintenance. They all give you a hard floor that is child, pet and visitor friendly.

  • How long after the Floating Floor is laid can I walk on it?

    Immediately. As there is no glue, nothing needs to dry. As soon as it is installed you can move your furniture into place and enjoy your new floor.

  • Can you lay a Floating Floor in a bathroom?

    No. The amount of water spillage and moisture will damage the floor. It is also very unhygienic.

  • Can my skirting boards be removed and put back on?

    Yes, our installers can do this for you. Some repainting may be required afterwards, which is not included.

  • Can I use a steam mop?

    On some of the floors this is ok. Speak to Bill about the best flooring option for you.

  • Where do I need expansion joints?

    They are required at doorways and around the perimeter of the floor and are covered by skirting boards or scotia. If you’re unsure, bring in your plans and we can show you what to do.

  • Why do I need a level subfloor?

    Have you ever walked on a friends floor that seems very spongy and hollow, or even a bit like a trampoline? The number one rule is to level out your floor to avoid this. We sell all sorts of Floor Levelers which even first time DIY people can easily use. We Include this in your quote if it is required so there are no suprise costs once instilation begins unlike other companies.

  • What accessories do I need for my Floating Floor?

    Stair nosings for stairs.

    Scotia is the beading around the perimeter of the floor. Alternatively we can remove and refit your skirting boards if you do not like the scotia.

    Universal Trims

    Border Trims

    H Trims

    We can guide you as to what trims you will require. They are available in a range of colours: vinyl wrapped to match the timber, silver, bronze, champagne and black.

  • How do I install it myself?

    We sell installation kits and are happy to talk you through the process, including where to start. You can call Bill on his mobile at any time and he will be happy to guide you through the process.

  • I’ve seen some very cheap floors advertised, what’s the difference?

    To put it simply, you get what you pay for. Problems that may occur with cheaper products on the market include de-lamination, buckling, excessive swelling, joins falling part and dangerous gas emissions of formaldehyde (bamboo floors). Any warranty is often a PO Box in another country, so customers find they have no recourse. Floating Floors Direct does not stock these cheap floors because it is not the business we are after. We pride ourselves on satisfied customers and are not going anywhere, so it is not in our best interests to sell a product we cannot guarantee.

  • How do I clean my Floating Floor?

    Sweep, vacuum or dry mop is all that is required. We also sell a range of cleaning products. Steam Mops are only to be used on some types of flooring as this could not only damage your floor but also void your warranty. Check with Bill for the best way to clean your specific floor.

  • What warranty do you provide?

    All products carry different warranties, ranging from 8 years to Lifetime. Our installers also warrant their work.

  • I live in a unit, can I have a Floating Floor?

    Yes. Most strata by-laws have an acoustic requirement so all you need to do is notify your strata corporation of your intention to install a Floating Floor. They will provide you with their requirements which you bring in to us, choose your floor and leave the rest to us.

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